Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium Extrusion Overview 

Sherwood is one of the UK’s largest independent sources of bespoke aluminium extrusion profiles and extruded aluminium components. We continue to invest heavily in the development of our machining capabilities, improving our overall ability to further expand our product ranges and available services.

Due to all extrusion requirements offering a bespoke product, we take pride in our partnerships with each customer, assessing needs and ensuring we succeed in customer satisfaction.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of extruded aluminium fabrication, Sherwood has developed key relationships with many global aluminium sources, a wealth of knowledge throughout many industries supporting all projects with our state of the art facilities and dedicated team of experienced engineers.

From precision components to long length fabrication, Sherwood offers complete flexibility in all machining requirements.

Sherwood welcomes the new Emmegi Comet T6

Sherwood welcome the brand new, state of the art Emmegi Comet T6. This 7.7m long CNC work centre with 4 controlled axes is used for aluminium and other light alloys. The COMET T6 HP's 4th axis allows the electro spindle to continuously rotate to CN from 0° to 180° to perform the work on the profile edge. It has an 8 place tools storage, on board the X axis slide, able to host 2 angular units and one milling disc, to perform work on the 5 sides of the piece. The COMET T6 HP also has a mobile work surface that facilitates the piece loading/unloading operation and significantly increases the workable section.

Machining Capabilities

With over 20 years of experience in the field of extruded aluminium fabrication, Sherwood has developed a wealth of knowledge throughout many industries supporting all projects with our own state of the art facilities and dedicated team of qualified and experienced engineers.

In-house services include:-

  • Stock holding of bespoke sections
    • Bulk stockholding for customer call off
  • Cutting to length
    • 4 Automatic lines
    • 3 semi-Automatic Lines
    • Mitre cutting
  • Press work
    • Power press capability of up to 75 tonne
    • Fly press capability
  • CNC Machining
    • 3 Axis and 4 Axis
    • Bed sizes up to 7400mm
    • Hole punching

Painting / Anodising / Powder Coating

As Sherwood offer a wide variety of services, we have acquired a close network of approved subcontractors including a selection of the UK’s top aluminium finishing suppliers.

We have invested heavily in developing thorough relationships with sub contractors who offer a specialised service in painting, anodising and powder coating aluminium profiles.

We offer the a wide range of available colours that follow the industrial colour chart including

  • Bespoke Colours
  • RAL Colours
  • BS 4800 Colours

Our Sub contractors all encompass the ISO 9001 accreditation systems and ensure all components are produced to the highest level of quality.

Thermal break 

A thermal break is an element of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials.

We specialise in supplying thermal break systems to companies mainly within the window and door industry.

We offer two types of thermal break systems

  • Pour & De-bridge – This method is the most commonly used system for thermal barriers as the iso is mixed with resin during assembly and the mixture is poured into a barrier channel within the component.  After the pouring and curing, the iso channel is de-bridged resulting in the separation between the inner and outer surfaces.
  • Polyamide  –  The polyamide profiles are supplied with ”sealing-wire” which give a reliable seal and enhanced shear strength when activated by heat e.g. – powder-coating, therefore components with different finishes and coloured surfaces suit this method.
By forming alliances with top finishing suppliers, Sherwood maintain effectiveness as technology and innovation continues to change.


Sherwood offers a dedicated component assembly facility located separately from the main manufacturing processing environment to avoid material contamination.

We provide a wide range of services for the assembly of ancillary parts including

  • plastic injection mouldings
  • rubber seals
  • frames
  • brackets
  • fixings
  • castings
  • bolt and screw products together

Depending on the technical and commercial requirements of each customer, we provide a wide range of tailored packaging options including

  • custom shrink wrapping
  • boxed packaging
  • labelling


To further diversify our services, Sherwood has acquired highly skilled welders to prepare aluminium components to customers specific requirements.

Since we have acquired in house welding facilities, customers now receive a cost effective alternative service as all requirements from processing to welding can be completed by one supplier.

From simple requirements to fully assembled, Sherwood caters to all welding needs