Sherwood Joins the Twittersphere

02 Mar Sherwood Joins the Twittersphere

With more than 465 million accounts and 175 million tweets every single day, Twitter plays a pivotal role in the thousands of different social media marketing strategies run by companies worldwide.

Twitter marketing can hold the key to our entire social marketing strategy. The concision of a tweet (just 140 characters) means that the information we broadcast must be short and sweet.

We have had real success from twitter in the ability to create leads, connect with new potential customers and stay updated with the market trends.

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Follow us @SherwoodSSandA #UKManufacturing

Twitter is very direct and all about connecting with other people, other organisations and other businesses all over the world.

Twitter allows us to communicate on a personal level with those in the Twittersphere. One-to-one interaction with our marketplace also gives us a far more accessible edge, helping us to identify with and entice customers.