Over the years, changes in trends and technology advances has increased the environments where aluminium and stainless steel are being used. This means that Sherwood's now operate within a wide range of market places. Some of our most popular markets include:

Car Lot

Throughout the automotive industry, manufacturers require stainless steel & aluminium for many components on the vehicle e.g. trim, exhausts, power-train, chassis, seating, lighting etc. Our stainless steel/ aluminium coil, blanks, sheet and aluminium extrusion is durable, efficient and is supplied to many automotive tier 1 companies.

Construction Site

Our stainless Steel/ Aluminium in both flat rolled and Extrusion are used heavily within the Building and Architectural sector due to obtaining many vital characteristics e.g. corrosion resistance, strength, robustness and visually aesthetic elements if required.

As the construction industry demands continuous change, we are constantly investing in machinery to facilitate the industry trend regulations.

Luxurious Home

The domestic appliance industries are amongst the largest within the U.K. and both of our flat rolled and extrusion departments supply an array of companies within this sector. Much of our material is used within everyday household appliances that require reliable, visually aesthetic and quality material to the general public.


Sherwood’s specialist lighting department is dedicated to the growth in the lighting & energy industry. With the rapid increase in global demand from traditional light sources and reflectors to LED, Sherwood’s specialist team offer Bright Rolled aluminium coil and a diverse range of aluminium extrusion products. Our products are widely used within a number of the UK’s largest brands equipping street lamps, homes, retail, education and hospitals.