Sherwood Welcomes the new Emmegi Comet T6

02 Mar Sherwood Welcomes the new Emmegi Comet T6

Sherwood welcome the brand new, state of the art Emmegi Comet T6. This 7.7m long CNC work centre with 4 controlled axes is used for the working of bars or aluminium, PVC and light alloys. The COMET T6 HP’s 4th axis allows the electro spindle to continuously rotate to CN from 0° to 180° to perform the work on the profile edge. It has an 8 place tools storage, on board the X axis slide, able to host 2 angular units and one milling disc, to perform work on the 5 sides of the piece. The COMET T6 HP also has a mobile work surface that facilitates the piece loading/unloading operation and significantly increases the workable section.

Emmegi Comet T6

Stay tuned for our next addition.