Sherwood Install New 11.5mtr CNC Machining Centre

18 Mar Sherwood Install New 11.5mtr CNC Machining Centre

Sherwood, one of the UK’s leading fabricator and processor recently installed a new generation CNC machining centre.

There is currently less than 3 of its kind in the UK which enables Sherwood to further diversify and expand into new markets including rail, automotive, construction, architectural, retail, domestic appliance and many more.

This is the first 5 axis machine to be purchased by Sherwood and is now our largest machining centre offering automatic machining, milling, slotting, drilling and cutting capabilities of up to 11.5 metres in length. Overall we now offer the highest quality end product accompanied with the most competitive price as our machining cycle has been reduced immensely due to the elimination for manual component repositioning along with major improvements in precision engineering capabilities as a result of the fully independent clamping system.

Please find all the product specifications below

  1. 5 Axis CNC machining capability
  2. Bedsize of 11,500mm x 500mm x 300mm
  3. Built in saw blade for in line cutting and notching blades 400mm
  4. Mobile 12 Position rotary tool magazine
  5. Fully motorised self-positioning vices
  6. Vice movement during machining cycle
  7. 3D graphical software with external CAD link available
  8. Powerful 11kw HSD spindle
  9. Fibre optic high speed data communication
  10. Dual loading zones for seamless production
  11. Central automatic lubrication system
  12. Renishaw Probe

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