Sherwood’s Company Brochures

22 Jul Sherwood’s Company Brochures

Sherwood have now added a company brochure to the marketing strategy of promoting products and services.

Our new brochures provide in-depth information all of our services including

  1. Aluminium Extrusion Fabrication
  2. Stainless Steel / Aluminium Coil
  3. Stainless Steel / Aluminium Cut Blanks
  4. Slitting Capabilities
  5. Machining Capabilities
  6. Special Lighting Finishes
  7. Thermal Break
  8. Painting
  9. Anodising
  10. Powder Coating
  11. Assembly
  12. Welding
  13. Stock Holding Facilities
  14. Transport

and many more…

If you would like to receive a company brochure please email and we will send one within 24hrs.