The domestic appliance industries are amongst the largest within the UK. And both of our flat rolled and extrusion departments supply the best known and respected companies within this sector. Much of our material is used within everyday household appliances that require reliable, visually aesthetic and quality material to the general public.

Sherwood started out in business in the early 1990s providing steel components into domestic white goods and appliances – microwaves, refrigerators and washing machines. 

This remains an important sector today as we work with all the major brands and their supply chain, some for nearly thirty years.

Domestic opportunities for including Sherwood extrusions are almost limitless. 

One of the other big areas we get involved with is household access products like free-standing ladders, loft ladders and platform systems for painters and decorators.

Domestic is definitely an area where you just need to ask if it’s possible.

“We’ve worked with Sherwood for nearly thirty years and predominantly with the same people over that time too!”

Leading domestic electronics manufacturer

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