Sherwood works with leading organisations driving innovation in a number of critical sectors, each known for exacting standards, quality and compliance.


In the automotive industry, we know manufacturers require stainless steel & aluminium for many components on the vehicle e.g. trim, exhausts, power-train, chassis, seating, lighting and more. Stainless steel / aluminium coil, blanks, sheet and aluminium extrusion are durable, efficient and are supplied directly into tier 1 companies.


As a full member of the Rail Midlands Forum, Sherwood supports and supplies Tier 1 rolling stock manufacturers and interior fit out specialists with a range of dedicated functional and decorative rail sector extrusions.


Sherwood extrusions provide critical foundations to many of the UK’s leaders in transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution sectors. Trusted by essential business infrastructure, we’ll have experience where it matters.


Flat rolled and extruded stainless steel and aluminium is used heavily within the building and architectural space to provide corrosion resistance, strength, robustness and visually aesthetic elements.


Originating from the Latin word fenestra, meaning window, fenestration refers to the openings in a building’s facade. In simple terms, fenestration can be explained as the arrangement of windows, doors and openings in a building. And it’s an area we’ve got lots of heritage in.


With the rapid increase in global demand from traditional light sources and reflectors to LED, Sherwood’s specialist team offers bright rolled aluminium coil and a diverse range of aluminium extrusion products widely used in street lamp, domestic, retail, education and hospital settings.


Extrusions are well suited for use in healthcare environments. Aluminum’s light weight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility, ease of machining and fabrication, speed to market, cost effectiveness and durability is perfect for a variety of applications


The domestic appliance industries are amongst the largest within the UK. And both of our flat rolled and extrusion departments supply the best known and respected companies within this sector. Much of our material is used within everyday household appliances that require reliable, visually aesthetic and quality material to the general public.