Originating from the Latin word fenestra, meaning window, fenestration refers to the openings in a building’s facade. In simple terms, fenestration can be explained as the arrangement of windows, doors and openings in a building. And it’s an area we’ve got lots of heritage in.

In an industry driven by increased energy performance requirements of Part L, aluminium systems can utilise thermal foam and increased thermal break technology to meet and exceed standards. 
Sherwood supports major UK window and door system manufacturers with produce innovative, fit for purpose and compliant window and door systems.

It’s not just about machining and assembling complicated long length frames. Sherwood takes on the responsibility for security too, offering support on integrated elements such as locking mechanisms and handles, hinge blocks, door closures, pressure plates and related portioning and panelling. 

We have specialist on site milling and machining capabilities and can add powder coating and specialist finishes to project specifications that support thermal barrier goals.

“Once we saw the investment that Sherwood has made in their thermal break production lines, we knew they’d be able to deliver what we needed”

Leading UK Fenestration customer

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