With the rapid increase in global demand from traditional light sources and reflectors to LED, Sherwood’s specialist team offers bright rolled aluminium coil and a diverse range of aluminium extrusion products widely used in street lamp, domestic, retail, education and hospital settings.

Lighting in its own right has become an important standalone sector and consideration in building design. And the benefits of using lightweight aluminium combined with almost limitless design capabilities means designers have turned to Sherwood for many years.

Ceiling mounted systems need to be lightweight, from a public health and safety perspective and also for maintenance. 

And the increased use of LED technology, and the challenges of heat dissipation and thermal efficiency make aluminium perfect for application.

As systems are typically exposed, aluminium offers the best and most cost effective aesthetic finish.
Sherwood works with almost all Tier 1 lighting design companies supplying machined and finished systems directly and indirectly into applications including warehousing and distribution depots and hospitals.

“Working with Sherwood on some significant projects was literally like turning the lights on to what was possible.” 

Leading UK lighting contractor

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