Extrusions are well suited for use in healthcare environments. Aluminum’s light weight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility, ease of machining and fabrication, speed to market, cost effectiveness and durability is perfect for a variety of applications

Working with a range of specialist medical manufacturers has helped us sharpen up our product offer in this important area.

In patient care, Sherwood extruded products can be found in beds, patient positioning systems, equipment stands, carts, cubicle curtain tracks, service panels, handrails and of course surgical and main hospital lighting

In terms of durable medical equipment, we’ve supported manufacturers of walkers, wheelchairs, crutches and canes.

In diagnostic and treatment, you can find extruded parts in things like surgical instruments, radiation and medical imaging, suction and oxygen therapy equipment and medical testing equipment.

And don’t forget all the interior requirements in the ambulances!

“The medical sector is one of the most fulfilling areas we provide product in to as we know it has the power to make a real difference to many people’s health and lives” 

Michael Horan, Sherwood CEO

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