Sherwood extrusions provide critical foundations to many of the UK’s leaders in transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution sectors. Trusted by essential business infrastructure, we’ll have experience where it matters.

If you’re looking for extrusion solutions in any area of logistics, Sherwood is the ideal partner for you. We’ve been working in transport, logistics, warehousing and distribution since in our inception in the 1990s.

In warehousing and distribution, Sherwood precision extrusions can be found everywhere from shutters to security, garage doors to charging points for electric vehicles. Inside the building, we’re providing critical elements into conveying lines, smooth flooring for distribution centres and warehouse automation.  

We also provide products into the vehicles – lorries, trucks and delivery vehicles. Sherwood are trusted to deliver racking systems, curtain side rails, drop side vehicles, tail lifts and side bars for impact protection in great volumes to many of the biggest manufacturers.

And we’re increasingly being asked to work with delivery fleet companies, helping them switching from old steel to lightweight energy-saving aluminium. With fuel being one of the biggest delivery company costs, reducing vehicle weight over a fleet can be significant over hundreds of miles every week.

“As we’ve grown, Sherwood has demonstrated its ability to scale with us. That is really important in a supply chain partner”

Logistics sector customer

On the vehicle side, you’ll also find Sherwood products in emergency response police cars, vans and ambulances.

And just as in rail, we apply our expertise and machining capability in long length parts for interior furniture in buses and other long vehicles.

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