Sherwood Group announces the acquisition of UB Plastics

Wolverhampton based metals leader adds a plastic injection moulding capability to its core metals skillset.

20th October, 2022

Sherwood Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of UB Plastics.

UB Plastics Ltd, based in Burton is a private plastic injection moulding company who manufacture specialised products for a diverse range of industries including brewing, food packaging and construction sectors.

The company led by Andy Cox and Steven Brown design and manufacture all their products at their factory situated in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire.

The origins of the business can be traced back before World War Two to William Glover and Company providing wooden barrel bungs into the brewing sector. Fast forward to 1983, and it was clear the industry was embracing industrial plastics which led to the formation of UB Plastics.

Now in 2022, UB Plastics inhabits over 70,000 sq ft of space in Burton, with 40 staff operating 25 product lines, 6-axis robots and in-mould labelling, creating innovative products for customers including beverage giants Diageo (Guinness), Carlsberg, Molson and ice-cream market leader Graphics Packaging.  

“We’re thrilled to complete this deal” said Paul Thurston, Sherwood Group co-founder. 

“In joining the Sherwood Group, UB Plastics immediately offers new products and new markets as well as huge opportunities for existing customers looking for specialist composite support and plastic injection moulding.” 

“With a rise in use and specification of industrial plastics and composites in some of our key sectors, it was the right time to make a strategic investment to bring this capability in-house. In so doing, it will provide product design and financial benefits to customers looking to pool their buying with suppliers able to provide a comprehensive offering” he added.

UB plastics already produces millions of keg caps and ice cream lids annually and sees significant market development opportunities from joining Sherwood Group.

“We’ve known Terry and Paul for a long time” said Andy Cox, Director UB Plastics. “In fact, Roy Caswell who was part of the founding team in 1983, has been close to Terry and Paul even before Sherwood Group became a trading entity in 1990.”

“We’re excited at UB Plastics. It’s the right move at the right time. Sherwood have demonstrated their market leadership in recent years and the acquisition helps us firstly secure the business and access investment for growth without losing focus on core markets”.

“We’re looking forward to working with some of the best people in the aluminium industry and see an exciting future for the combined business and our customers”, he added.

Visit the UB Plastics website here.