Significant investment in new CNCs and long length aluminium capability at Sherwood Group Wolverhampton

In a significant move to bolster support for customers, Sherwood has invested in several new automated CNC machines and seven-meter long length extrusion capability at the Wolverhampton site.

7th August, 2020

The new machines support increased demand and allow us to run additional shifts to support our customers, especially in the construction and fenestration sectors.

“Investment in new machinery at any time can be challenging but more so in the grip of an international pandemic,” said Paul Thurston, Sherwood Group co-founder.

“But over thirty years of experience in the sector, facing up to many seemingly insurmountable hurdles tells us that it’s the best time for us to invest. We’ll be in a stronger position to help customers as demand increases.”

“The additions of new Haas production lines allows us to plan production more efficiently which has a positive knock on effect to being responsive to customer deadlines” says Geoff Woodfield, Operations Manager.

“They also allow us to improve the skill of the team and reduce waste and QC rejects, which are both two of our biggest production drivers.”

Check out the new machines in operation as part of our new Sherwood Wolverhampton site video here.