Flat rolled and extruded stainless steel and aluminium is used heavily within the building and architectural space to provide corrosion resistance, strength, robustness and visually aesthetic elements.

Sherwood has worked right across the construction sector for two decades, supplying critical products into the residential and commercial building envelope.

Outside the building, Sherwood expertise can be found in building cladding systems. In residential blocks, you’ll find Sherwood decking and Juliette balcony systems. Post Grenfell, all materials have to be non-combustible, so it has to be metal.

Inside buildings, Sherwood steel and aluminum products are used in everything from partitions and panelling, windows and doors (see Fenestration), stainless chevrons, roof lights and in some of the high volume “fit out elements” such as lighting, ducting and radiators.

With a major environmental and energy focused push on buildings having better energy performance, we’re seeing a great deal of interest in products that take thermal barriers.

As a result we’ve invested significantly in thermal break rolling machines that can help produce window and door systems that meet the latest standards, all in-house.

“Sherwoods’ attention to detail means the hundreds of thousands of units that are shipped to us every year can pretty much go straight into use”

Leading UK construction specifier

As the construction industry demands continuous change, Sherwood invests in technology to support customers in staying ahead of industry regulations.

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