Sherwood joins CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme

Sherwood Stainless and Aluminium becomes a member of the CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme in 2024.

1st July, 2024

Sherwood Stainless and Aluminium is delighted to have joined the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB ) Closed Loop Recycling Scheme.

CAB is the largest UK “aluminium in building” trade association with over 140 members across the supply chain. It provides high quality technical information and guidance on regulations, standards and best practice. Its ambitious events programme includes regional members meetings, conferences and contractual awareness seminars around the UK.

And the Closed Loop Recycling Scheme is an important initiative in maximising recycling of aluminium and minimising the waste caused by the extrusion process.

CAB says “Aluminium is a “permanent” material, which means that its inherent properties do not change after repeated recycling. It therefore resonates with consumer expectations to produce and consume products in a more sustainable way. To keep aluminium in the loop, it must be collected and sorted properly. While there is always an economic incentive to recycle aluminium, one of the aims of this scheme is to increase closed loop recycling by encouraging the collecting and sorting of scrap into specific wrought alloy groups.”

CAB adds “While such closed loop recycling of construction materials is currently voluntary, requirements could be placed on “embodied carbon” content in the future and main contractors are increasingly seeking evidence to demonstrate the sustainability credentials of their supply chain. Scrap is an important resource and we should maximise the quantity and quality of recovered aluminium scrap in the UK to build the circular economy of the future.”

During the pilot project, CAB reported a total of 3,300 tonnes of aluminium recycling in 2019. This rose to over 6,000 tonnes by 2022 and more scheme members have been added in the years since.

Sherwood General Manager Paul Grimsley commented “Joining CAB’s closed loop recycling scheme is a key part of our own sustainability efforts and demonstrates to customers and suppliers that we take our responsibilities seriously” he added.

For more about CAB, click here. For information about the closed loop recycling scheme, head here.

Photo by Matthias Heil on Unsplash

About Sherwood Stainless and Aluminium

Sherwood Stainless and Aluminium is a leading player in the stainless steel and aluminium supply industry, dedicated to delivering superior quality products and services to its customers while investing in sustainable and efficient practices. Its commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive its growth and customer satisfaction.

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