Sherwood starts new paint line installation in Wolverhampton

Sherwood have embarked on our next strategic development – a new powder coating paint line – that adds more project management control to customer products!

10th November, 2023

This is another significant investment which demonstrates our commitment to developing new ways to add value to our customers and to ensure everything we do is of the highest quality.

This line is being built with state of the art machinery and components and will be the most environmentally sustainable line in the UK.

We have a fantastic team around us – starting with Hope Project Services who are working on the civil side of things.

Moving closer to becoming operational

Over the last few months, the space where the paintline is going to be situated has moved from being a cleared concrete pit to seeing the actual kit arrive.

This new 25m hybrid technology oven will let us run at a lower temperature on gas or electricity, creating a platform for net zero by using sustainable electricity.

We will also be able to deliver a real benchmark for service and quality, and are building a team and process capability to achieve this.

“We are investing to create value for our customers and to create a low carbon future” said Michael Horan, Sherwood CEO.

About Sherwood Stainless and Aluminium

Sherwood Stainless and Aluminium is a leading player in the stainless steel and aluminium supply industry, dedicated to delivering superior quality products and services to its customers while investing in sustainable and efficient practices. Its commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive its growth and customer satisfaction.

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